My ownStaGram!

the self-hosted photosharing-platform.


OwnStaGram is a free photo-sharing software which allows to upload photos from within this site and an available android-app.

Every picture can be shared via an unique url.
Try this one...


OwnStaGram is a small PHP-OpenSource-project which will be installed easily on every php/mysql-enabled server.


Keep the ownership of your photos. No one will every use them for advertising or anything else.
Your photos belong to you.


the ownStaGram-platform is licensed under GPL-V3.
See project at or at github

Download latest version: ownStaGram.tar.gz

Get the latest source from Github at:

Minimum requirements

You need a PHP/MySQL enabled webserver. Nothing more.

App & API

Use the free android-app to take and share photos from everywhere.
An API to use the service from within other software is in development.

Global distribution

connect your ownStaGram-host with all others around the world. Discover pictures taken and hosted by others. Keep full control about your photos on your server. set a watermark for all public shown pictures.

Recognized by others

Instagram Alternative That Lets You Own Your Photos 100%
If you want to share photos that you truly own, you can host your own Instagram-like platform with Ownstagram. This photo sharing software lets you upload your pictures from the website or its own dedicated Android app, while having full ownership of your photos.
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Ownstagram - In a nutshell

Ownstagram works much like infamous Instagram, allowing you to quickly shoot a picture, upload it and share it with your friends. It’s still a little rough around the edges but looks very promising.
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você é dono de 100% das suas fotos

'Ownstagram': uma opção ao Instagram onde 'você é dono de 100% das suas fotos'
Este sistema de compartilhamento de fotos permite que os usuários enviem suas imagens a partir do site ou do próprio app para Android, e o principal: você terá plena propriedade sobre suas fotos.
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